August 2021 - Ashville NC Show

Our biggest supporter working the booth on Sunday.


Cousin Chip and the legendary Will Ray who stopped by to play a bit of Air Guitar for us.  Will, John Jorgensen  and Jerry Donahue formed the Helecasters in the 90’s and toured the world as Masters of the Telecasters.

Hope to see you at the next show!

Are Vintage Guitars a good Investment?

I'm often asked this question by serious collectors, and many times by the wives of these collectors.   Years ago Vintage Guitar Magazine started tracking a specific inventory of highly collectible guitars, and every issue (once a year) for the past few years aims to graph the greater market.  Like housing, the vintage guitar market seemed to reach a peak in 2007, and then by the time the greater economy crashed and burned, the vintage guitar market went south on the same road.